Building the excellence of an organizational culture in the education world in such a competitive situation requires that educators and educators and education practitioners want to find a strategy culture that is more suited to the demands of changing competitive environment. Strategies should be built on a comprehensive understanding of what assets or resources and cultures are appropriate for organizations to achieve. A superior organization no longer has to rely solely on financial resources, building, land, technology, market position, and other more tangible assets, but rather should rely on intangible knowledge assets because knowledge culture is an advantage Strategic for education Therefore many organizations or agencies and companies that are currently building organizational theory toward the culture of knowledge. To be more conducive to the implementation of Knowledge Management, the functions of knowledge management should be raised that will become integrators of other functions within an organization. Traditional organizations are not familiar with new positions called CKO (Chief of Knowledge Officer), Senior Manager of Knowledge Management or Officer Knowledge Management. These positions are related to Knowledge Management, and the scope of the task is cross-functional, cross-unit and cross-disciplinary and even cross-hierarchy, capable of building the characteristics of organizational culture through knowledge management. Keywords: culture, organization, knowledge management, education

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